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Black Bloodlines

March 16, 2015 Leave a comment

The Black presence in the Bible is undeniable. Ethiopia and Egypt are mentioned more in the Bible than any other countries. The earliest gods and messiah on all the continents were Black. The earliest images and depictions of Jesus show him as being a black man. In fact, the word Christ come from the Indian Krishna or Chrishna, which means “The Black One.” (Rogers, J.A. Sex and Race, Vol. I. St Petersburg: Helga M.Rogers,1968, pg.275.)

In their earliest of times,the Hebrews were a mixture of Sumerian, Egyptian and Cushite people. In almost all cases, the Semites, when in close contact with the Hamites, became absorbed into the Hamitic group.

Abraham was born in “Ur of the Chaldees”. The Chaldees was the home of the Chaldeans. Sir Godfrey Higgins said the Chaldeans were originally “Negroes”. (Higgins, Sir Godfrey. Anacalypsis, Vol. I. London:1836; reprinted Brooklyn: A&B Books Publishers, 1992, pg. 364).

Tacitus, the first century Roman historian, insisted that Abraham was an Ethiopian. Abraham had children from Black women. Hagar was an Egyptian woman who bore Ishmael, Abraham’s first son. The Ishmaelites were black and were identified with the Midianites. The mIdianites were the tribe that Moses lived among when he fled Egypt. He got his wife Zipporah from this tribe.

Keturah, Abraham’s wife after his first wife Sarah died, bore him six sons. Keturah was a Black Canaanite. Their children became heads of Black Arabian tribes. One of those tribes was the Tribe of Kedar. The term Kedar means “dark skinned”. Kedar developed a powerful Arabian tribe. They were skilled archers and were considered might men in the Bible.

The information in this article is from the e-book “Black Bloodlines by Calvin Evans. Black Bloodlines can be purchased at