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The Black Founders of Chinese Civilization

August 12, 2014 1 comment

At its earliest epoch, Blacks lived and ruled in southern China. French anthropoligist H. Invert wrote in “Les Negritos Dr la Chine: “The Negroid races peopled at some time all of the south of India, Indo-China and China. The South of Indo-China actually has now pure Negritos as the Semangs, and mixed as the Malays and the Sakais…” 

In the earliest Chinese documented history, it speaks of diminutive blacks living in southwest China, and having black and oily skin. Chinese historians called them “black dwarfs.

The founders of the Xia (c. 2205-1766 B.C.E.) and Shang (c.1700-1050 B.C.E.) Dynasties were black.  According to Prof. Shun-Sheng Ling, the founders of these two dynasties came from Africa via Iran. 

Genetic studies show that the first modern human arrived in China about 60,000 years ago, migrating from Africa.

 In 2005, DNA testing conducted by Chinese geneticist Jin Li proved that the first inhabitants of China were black Africans. After collecting more than 12,000 DNA samples from 165 different ethnic groups, Li and his team of scientists concluded that modern humans descended from East Africa.  Li added “We did not see even one single individual that could be considered of the no no erectus in China, rather everybody was a descendant of our ancestors from Africa.”

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Black Presence of Ancient Britain: an Addendum

August 11, 2014 Leave a comment

I would like to thank the readers of the material on this site. While searching the Internet, I have found various forums in which readers have posted material from the site to dispute opinions and theories place by people with counter views. I do not choose to respond to anyone on open forums, as I view it as counter-productive and a waste of time. 

The material that I post is well-documented, as I spend time researching material before I write. I purposefully try to use documents, whenever possible, written by white historians about my subject matter. Not because I trust their research more than my fellow Black sources, but because there are always white people who choose to try to discredit anything that a Black historian says that is contrary to what they have learned or believe.

 With that being said, I would like to use a few quotes from white historians to augment my article about Blacks in Ancient Britain, and please feel free to post them when being confronted by ignorance on the Internet.

Gerald Massey, a British archaeologist, wrote in his book “Book of the Beginnings, Volume one” about the evidence of Blacks in ancient Britain. He firmly believed that Stonhenge was built by Blacks. Massey carefully dissected the language, religion and customs of the Celts and concluded that they had an Egyptian origin.

Roman historian Tacitus was clear in his description of the Silures, calling their complexion “swarthy” and hair unusually “curly.” 

Sir Godfrey Higgins, in his book Anacalypsis, Vol. I stated that he believed that “The Buddhist Negroes were the first colonists of Britain.” In addition, Higgins writes “A great nation called the Celtae, of whom the Druids were the priests, spread themselves almost over the Earth and are to be traced in their gigantic monuments from India to the extremity of Britain. Who can these have been but the early individuals of the Black nation…”

Pliny described the Silures as “short stature with skin as dark as an Ethiopians.”

David MacRitchie wrote extensively about the presence of Blacks in Early Britain in his book, Ancient and Modern Britons. 

People who refuse to accept the truth are usually the ones with the most to lose.

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