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Hip-Hop is in my DNA

I recently asked many of my Facebook friends that are connected with the music industry what their favorite Hip-Hop song of all time is and why that song is their favorite.  The answers will be compiled into an upcoming book I am writing, tentatively entitled  “Hip-Hop is in our DNA.”  The reason for selecting that title is because I feel that Hip-Hop is so throughly entrenched inside me, that it has become a part of my DNA.  DNA are traits that we have that get passed down to our children.  Hip-Hop is the lifestyle that I leave behind as my legacy for my children. 

Realizing that it is nearly impossible to identify one song as your ultimate choice, I allowed for multiple answers.  I was so intrigued by many of the responses that I would like to share some of them with my readers.

Stevie D Lundy, Force MDs- “my favorite is Crash Crew’s  first joint (High Powered Rap) , Fearless Four’s Rockin It, Treacherous Three’s Feel the Heartbeat….It made me feel that this is gonna be here for a long time, and look at it now….wow……”

 Ant Live, Hip-Hop artist and brother of Eric B- “Don’t have a favorite song but.. My two favorite moments are Eric B & Rakim @ the Apollo.. people bust in the doors & the balcony was shaking. Alpo (legendary Harlem drug dealer) threw a pocket full of $100 dollar bills on stage.  The second was when Jay z & Total played, Big didn’t come out with Total. He came out with Jay & the place went nuts.    One other thing… George Clinton sang the lyrics to Follow the Leader on MTV. That was crazy cause Rakim is a huge Parliament fan. It’s funny how things go in a circle.”

 Cutmaster Cool V, DJ for Bizmarkie and member of the Juice Crew- “Well for me in no specific order here’s ten: 1) The Message, 2) Sucker MC’s, 3) Love Rap, 4) The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash, 5) Roxxane’s Revenge, 6) Eric B for President, 7)The Show, 8) La Di Da Di, 9) Rebel Without a Pause, 10) Vapors!”

 Charlie Rock, producer and founder of the Fantasy Three- “”Its Your Rock” by Fantasy Three of course, its my first song I recorded and it jump started my musical career.”

Sparky D: “My favorite is grand master caz he is original he is entertainer and always will have lyrics for days.now my favorite song is the crash crew you walking down street with you box in your hand. You hear G Man on your radio rappin. Lol”

Sandi Beidleman, Executive Administrative Assistant for The Furious 5 Entertainment: “Of course I am a Furious 5 fan as well as a Kurtis Blow fan. There are many that I could name but if you want to know my very favorite… I will have to go Mele Mel’s performance in Bear Street (Ramone tribute.)”

I had the opportunity to share in a lengthy discourse with the lovely model and actress Melyssa Ford and she had this to say:

Melyssa: “Wow. That is a very hard question to answer. Mind Sex by Dead Prez…”

CE: “Melyssa, I love your answer because it is so different from the others that I have received so far. Do you mind me asking why that song is a favorite for you? I am very interested in your response.”

Melyssa: “Your question was impossible. East coast, west coast, down south hip hop… Old school or new school hip hop… we have so many sub cultures within the culture of the music I had to assess my answer by thinking about how a song makes me feel, how often I played it when I heard it, can I still play it on repeat now; does it hold nostalgia for me and also the technicalities of the song: melody, beat, lyrical content, vocal intonation… I’m an east coast head to the fullest and I love hip hop that makes my feet feel planted up here in the north so NY and Philly rappers always get me. I also like artists who fly under the radar because there music isn’t commercially accepted like MF Doom, KMD, King Geedorah, Jay Electronica (even tho he’s now signed to RocNation)… without the fear of being accepted by the masses, it keeps them free to experiment with their talent and genius.

Long winded answer, just like me LOL. But there you have why I answered with “Mind Sex”. I was thinking T.R.O.Y but Mind Sex won.”

I encourage anyone who would like to share their thoughts on this subject to leave notes in the comments section.  Hip-Hop belongs to all of us, so lets share in it together.

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